Jökull Sólberg

Tools that I use
25. október 2021
Like Spotlight but faster and better. Has a smarter calculator, including currency conversions like 20 gbp in isk.
An excellent Postgres GUI for macOS.
Cleanshot app logo
Augments the screenshot utilities on macOS with hosting, copying, better annotations, GIF and MP4, custom domains and more and more. Excellent support.
I like Figma as much as the next person, but nothing beats the speed and native feel of macOS apps.
Rectangle app logo
Window and monitor management. Map keyboard shortcuts to resize and move windows around, between displays etc.
Craft app logo
Block based editor with collaboration features. Like Google Docs, but native to macOS with great publishing and hosting options.
Plex app logo
I'm a bit of a media server geek. Downloading and organizing media has always been a hobby of mine. Today I have a mac mini set up with container orchestration from klutchell/mediaserver.